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Our Projects Mind Mapping is ready!

We have worked a lot to define our goals and to translate them into operational projects.  It is done!

Here under, you will find the result of our brainstorming and see our projects according to our three development strategies : Business, Education and Social.

Mind Mapping - Projects

Mind Mapping - Projects

You will find it full size on our Issuu Page.

You can also have a look on the Lingua Franca Academy Projects Mind Mapping in order to know in the minute detail the project we are developing in the Research and Education Department.

In the coming days, we will inform you of these projects development.  Thank you for your interest in our actions…

I’m not a tourist

Visiting the Expats fair in Brussels

CinquantenaireExpatica, the organisation specialized in resources and communication   for expats in Europe (Belgium, but also the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland) today organized the second “Lifestyle Fair for Internationals” in Brussels, in the beautiful Autoworld Museum in the Parc du Cinquantenaire.  Not many exhibitors, not many visitors either, but a friendly and cozy atmosphere in one of the most fashionable venues in the Belgian capital.

We met some exhibitors and had promising contacts with some of them.  And we participated to a seminar of Lars Sudmann, Managing Director of Life Balance Masters.  It was a lady of the Toastmasters organization who recommended this speech to us and I strongly thank her for that. Because, Lars Sudmann is not only a brilliant, funny and fascinating speaker, but he has interesting things to share.  A lot of things.  And he shares them with a conviction and a good humor that are contagious.

Life balance ? As a job search coach and trainer, I expected the usual (and rather boring) discourse about the difficult balance between job and family life, as if both were divided by an iron curtain more unbreakable that the old communist one…  But, I was wrong.  Lars Sudmann considers life as a whole, as the articulation of all dimensions of your existence with a special attention to your personal goals and life vision.

We were pleased not only by the friendly attitude of the speaker, but also by the multidimensional and scientific approach with which he analyzed the life balance.  And also by the tools and tips he is proposing to the participants.

So, we had a really great time and we’ll try this set of new tools at home…

If you want to know more on this new concept, just visit the Life Balance Masters website..

It’s done ! The Lingua Franca Foundation is on track now!

Yes !

We have been waiting that moment for a (too long) while, now, and it is done !

Hey i m thereWhat ?  The Lingua Franca Foundation is born! It was yesterday, in a notary office somewhere near Maastricht.  The baby is well and the happy parent are overwhelmed with emotion, of course.

The statutes have been signed at a little more than 4 PM, local time.  And the Lingua Franca Foundation is now a reality! A reality of which we’ll regularly inform you on this very blog.

So we hope too see you soon.  For fresh and stunning good news about the Lingua Franca Foundation, its projects and the people who, everyday, make it a fascinating experience.

Now, you can already learn more about us by visiting our  About Page.

See you soon!