Launching the Safety Net Project

Here we are!

Suzi and I were stunnedFamily small by the number of mixed couple who were divorcing in appalling conditions.  Generally, the woman was Asian and the husband was European.  They had met through a dating website or  during traveling abroad.  They had had a great time together (or, at least, everybody thought so) and then, the love story ended in a flurry of hatred, insults, hits, blue blacks, trials and lawyers mails…  The story ended in utter despair for the woman and the children, and generally a very bad social and economic situation for the entire family.

We were curious if this kind of situation was frequent and common, or if the couples we’ve seen were the exception to the rule.  We googled and investigated official documents as well as scientific reports and shockingly we found out that the cases we knew were not isolated family wrecks, but a broadly spread social disease…

We wanted to do something about it and, during a car drive to Eindhoven, to a good friend’s house, we talked about a project and how to cope with these harsh realities.  Suzi jotted down notes while I was driving and, while talking and scribbling throughout the one hour journey, we achieved our first structure.  The morning after, I typed a draft and we coined a name for this project : The Safety Net Project.

Suzi began to talk about it to friends and to professionals : lawyer, doctor, social workers.  All were enthusiastic and very encouraging.  She also met officials from local authorities and diplomats, and we have to say that the reactions so far are utterly positive.

So, in a few weeks, we’ll launch The Safety Net Project. You can already read a bit of it on this page.


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