The journey

It was not so long ago that Dalilah entered the Netherlands. With a tonne of courage, faith and love, she decided to make this big move. At first she hesitated, thinking how this would truly affect her and her children. This wasn’t her first marriage, but she wanted it to be the last. She thought that with such love, needed an enormous sacrifice. Perhaps she didn’t realise that sacrifice should derived equally between both parties, but wanting to be in love and stay in love, she totally lost her common sense.

It was rather a sad true story for most women all around the world. They all had, and still have, one thing in common – searching for true love. So as it seemed.

Dalilah and child 1

Dalilah hadn’t had a comfortable life. Being raised as one of the poorest, she promised herself that she would step out from poverty and seeked huge fortune so that she would not go back to the hard life. Carrying the promise plus being such a hard headed woman, Dalilah strived her way up. After her first divorce, Dalilah became more and more determined and eventually succeeded in achieving what she wanted! She became her own boss – running her own business, staking up cash and slowly built up her own little empire.  With all her hard work, she managed to buy her own little castle, provide herself a chariot, whilst taking care of two growing children. But, she felt throughout the years of success, she had missed something. Something big. Something every woman desires. To be loved. Whole heartedly.

It wasn’t easy for any successful woman to find love. Especially when there were more than one access baggage! Dalilah was afraid. Afraid that she might not make it – to the love island.

To be continued…

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  2. Bila nak sambung nih??

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