The Journey (2)

Dalilah was rather lonely. She looked around and to her amazement, she saw love everywhere. Everywhere else but unfortunately love never stayed long in her life. Envious with all her girlfriends’ love fortune, she promised herself that she would not end up alone in the desert island. She wanted the same. She wanted to be loved and to give love.

Being such a hard headed woman, Dalilah was not the type to flaunt her body. She valued her self worth, although sometimes that didn’t help her much getting into the dating game. She felt more lost and isolated. Most of her girlfriends spent most of their nights partying out – enjoying their youth. Whilst Dalilah, being rather conservative, she decided that true love would come crawling at her feet one day. The honourable way.

Looking at her life and constantly comparing it with her close mates, she felt more and more desperate. After her first divorce, she only had two serious relationships, which tragically to say, ended up in total disaster. At one point, she concluded that she was destined not to experience love, nor to give love – until she met Maarten.

Dalilah got acquainted with Maarten many years back – but only as friends. She wasn’t ready to open up to him – or to any man for that matter – especially to someone who differs entirely from her background. Maarten was there mostly for work. His employer sent him to the East to promote their company. To Maarten, the East is not some strange remote place anymore since he was almost awarded as the ‘frequent flyer’ from the Dutch Airlines! Maarten wanted to blend in – including having relationships with the local women. He tried his best and unfortunately failed many times over. Somehow he didn’t seem to learn from his mistakes. Maarten was also hard headed. Just like Dalilah.

After 7 years of friendship, somehow fate brought them together. Dalilah was ecstatic. She dreamed of the prince charming on the white horse. The red carpet treatment.


The relationship itself was rather chaotic even from the very beginning. Maarten wanted everything easy for him. Being the youngest in the family, Maarten was rather a spoilt brat. He always got what he wanted, sometimes even at someone else’s expense! He didn’t seem to care and was very selfish. He wanted the red carpet treatment from Dalilah instead.  Maarten knew that being a white man, he had the upper hand on getting attention from the local women. He felt that he was the master of the dating game. Nevertheless, for someone like Dalilah, she didn’t believe in wooing any man. Not coming from her part of the world. Dalilah believed in being pampered, in being the centre of attention, in being the woman in Maarten’s life. She felt ackward having to pay his meals whenever he came to visit. It was rather weird having to please a man since it looked so backward eventhough Maarten reminded her that it was out-dated and so old fashioned to woo a woman nowadays. He  reminded her that they lived in the modern times now – men and women being equals and so forth.  Maarten was also extremely thrifty with money. Every cent was considered a loss unless used for future investment. This kind of mentality didn’t exist in Dalilah’s vocabulary. To her, spending money on the loved ones was considered as an investment as well. There were times they had had fights because of  this – for their way of thinking clashed in so many ways, and yet they decided to stay together and wanted to go further in their relationship.

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