Daily Archives: November 24, 2009

Earning credits in history… by playing video games!

Now, you can get a credit in history by saving America! Of course, it is a video game and not a real plot against the US.  But the credits you earn are for real!

That’s the new course that le Florida Virtual School put online recently.  This web-based public school has already offered more than 90 online courses.

American History – Conspiracy Code Game!

Eddie Flash and Libby Whitetree, two students in high-tech Coverton City, have to unravel a large plot against American History led by Conspiracy Inc., a corrupt corporation which is modifying the past archives in order to rule the future.

They collect clues, play mini-games to enhance what they have learned, they fight enemies and they reestablish the historical truth in the city archives…

By doing so, they “strengthen higher-order thinking, written communication, problem-solving, and collaborative skills through:

  1. Playing engaging concept practice games
  2. Responding to a variety of question types
  3. Writing assignments and essays
  4. Completing authentic game-based assessments
  5. Participating in discussion-based assessments

Students test their knowledge during in-game challenges, engage in student-to-student collaborations and discussions, exchange information with peers (similar to group projects), and eventually use their knowledge to complete culminating mission assessments, each step eliciting a higher-order analysis of the material.

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