The Best Job in the World

The Winner of the Best Job in the World

Do you remember this contest buzzing in all medias several months ago ?  You could get the Best Job in the World : all you had to do  was  to become the Caretaker of tiny islands along the shores of the Queensland Area, in North-West Australia.

The job was paid some US $ 111.000  (about € 83.000) for six months. It consisted mainly in exploring the islands of the area and reporting to a blog.  Ben Southal, the winner, has been elected out of 34.000 applicants from the whole world.

Ben started his best job of the world on the 1st of July 2009 and is living his last days in paradise.  But is it really a paradise ? Not so sure since Ben has recently been stung by a  tiny jellyfish along the Hamilton Island shore and it almost cost his life.

Thus, the best job of the world almost turned into a pure nightmare. Fortunately for Ben, the members of his crew were experimented men who immediately identified the symptoms – some itchiness and a red spot on his skin – as the result of the Irukandji jellyfish biting, or else, he would have died in the following hours.

And now ? And now, Ben will simply go back to London and work as a fundraiser for a charity institution there, as usual.  So, no more exploration of paradise islands and media celebrity.

All this is very tv-reality like, don’t you think so ? Actually, the whole process was an advertisement campaign to promote local tourism.

Maybe you think : ok, but it was worth trying, wasn’t it ? Sure, it was !  For Ben, it has been a very interesting experience : very long free holidays, all included with a comfortable sum of money at the end.   But was it really the Best Job in the World ? Let’s even forget the recent accident.  But, frankly, it was more of a sponsored tourism trip than a real job…

Find YOUR own Best Job in the World!

Does that mean I have to forget about my best job in the world ?  Absolutely not ! It is one of the reasons why we founded the Lingua Franca Academy ! The help you need to find or to create your Dream Job !

But what is your Dream Job ? Only YOU can tell what your Dream Job is. And certainly  no communication agency can tell you what it is or what it should be !

So, what is the Dream Job for you ? It is the one which makes you happy, the one which will make you blossom for long years to come – or at least the five coming years – the one you will practice without getting the impression you are actually working – most of the time, let’s be honest, and, last but not least, the one that will provide you a decent income.

Medias, with their constant flux of bad news – and even more since the beginning of the crisis – can give you the impression that this kind of job doesn’t exist anymore…  This is totally untrue !  Good jobs still exist !  Good companies still hire motivated people !  There is, somewhere, a job fit for you, a job that will provide you satisfaction and financial security !

You’ll tell me : it’s not easy to find such a job.  No.  You’re right.  It is not easy and it demands some efforts.  But it is worth trying, don’t you think so ?

It is the main goal of the Lingua Franca Academy to find or to create your own  Dream Job !

All along the coming year – and we hope, long after – we will provide you advices and free tools to define your own Dream Job.  We will invite you to conferences, seminars and training sessions. We will publish free tools online to help you to know yourself better and to lead a more effective job search…  We will give you a good approach to write better application letters and resumes, to conduct better job interviews etc…

And YOU too will find your Dream Job, your Best Job in the World !


2 responses to “The Best Job in the World

  1. We are interesting to work with you.

    I am Dilan from Sri Lanka. We have clients to migrate to Italy,Canada ,New Zealand & Australia. They are seeking study visa, work permit, and visit visas. We go through web search and we find your web site and mailing address. Could you please send me a contact details. Please send me the details what are the visa category you are doing. What are the countries for you are offering Visas. what is the cost, What is the time period it will take to complete, and what are the documents you are requiring, once we will come for the arrangement we can give you 10 to 20 clients for group and we can give you 2 to 3 groups for a month.And we doing this business since fifteen years. We are ready to deal with you. If it is possible please reply me as soon as possible.

    waiting your reply

    Thank You.
    Company- Overseas Study Center. Sri lanka
    Address- 28/2/A, Galle Road, Colombo-6 Sri Lanka .
    Skype ID : dilanravi

    • Hello Dylan,

      I think there is a misunderstanding here. We provide only informations about immigration in Europe, but we don’t deliver visa or passports or any official document. We’ll keep on giving news and informations, but we have no intention of doing business about passport or immigration services.


      Marco Bertolini.

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