Germany is recruiting 65.000 skilled workers from abroad

Did you say 65.000 skilled workers ?

Yes, Germany is looking for 65.000 skilled workers and cannot find them in the homeland.  So it is calling for volunteers from abroad.

Why is that ?

Well there are several reasons :

  1. Germany is the first exporting country in the world.  And it doesn’t export much raw material but manufactured goods and high value services. 
  2. Germany has developed a protection policy for its workers and the recent economic crisis hardly affected its employment rate contrary to most European countries which are still facing high unemployment figures.
  3. The German population is growing older and many of the so called “baby boomers” are going to retire very soon.  The current birthrate is not sufficient to replace people who are retiring, so the country is compelled to called for foreign skilled workers in order to sustain its huge and competitive industry…

What kind of workers are they searching for ?

 They are mostly looking for workers in these for fields :

  1. Computer sciences
  2. Natural sciences
  3. Mechanics
  4. Mathematics

What are the required procedure to work there ?

For workers from EU Member States, there are no special requirements : they can live and work in Germany without staying and/or working permit.  For people from outside EU (Chinese, Indian or Brasilian workers or students), authorities are considering creating a new specific working permit for skilled workers, something similar to the Canadian procedure.  So far, it is not clear if this will be the so-called European Blue Card or some local new system…

To discover more on visas and permit you can visit this page for tips or the official page of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

What are the working conditions in Germany ?

Actually, German working conditions are among the best in Europe :

  •  Salary : German wages are amongst the highest in EuropeGerman workers are well organized and their trade unions negotiate pay rises each year.
  • Time tables : Germans seldom work more than 8 hours per day and it is forbidden to stay more than 10 hours at your workplace. 

What are the advantages and inconvenients ?

With the German wages you can really have a comfortable life.  German salaries generally come with some extra advantages such as company car, telephone, laptop, health insurances and so on.  The German welfare system is very generous and taxes vary according to your salary but also according to your family situation (working partner, number of children, etc.).

 Food tend to be cheaper than in France for instance, but it is also less varied.  As Germany hosts the broadest Turkish community in Europe, you can easily find halal food. 

Housing is rather cheap compared to European prices.   The heating cost are a little higher than in France or Belgium, but generally the German installations are more recent and therefore consume less energy.  Most German cities have plenty of green spaces, cultural and sports resorts.

The language, with its everlasting changing cases,  is pretty difficult : but, generally, people talk or at least understand English.  Germans, like Dutch people, tend to be pretty direct.  They also speak very loud : you get the impression they are always scolding you.  No : they just talk.  For people of Asian or Latin origin, this can be a little bit disturbing, but after a while you get used to it…

So we can say, that Germany can be a thriving and exciting experience for young skilled workers…

Some more tips to find a job in germany

To find a job anywhere in the European Economic Space, you can visite the Eures website.  For young Europeans who would like to discover the working life in another European country, the European Commission proposes stages through its Leonardo Program.

The main job boards have their own page in Germany, as StepStones or Monster.


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