The Lingua Franca Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to promote safe and harmonious international exchanges.    

We try to reach this goal in three sectors :    

  • Business : the crisis can be an opportunity to extend your business network to Asia or Australia or Europe.  We help you to get new contacts and business opportunities abroad.
  • Education : we promote international education and a better understanding between different cultures.  We propose language courses, job coaching and training, working life experience abroad.
  • Social : traveling for tourism, to get married or to buy a property abroad can be a wonderful experience.  We give you the essential information to travel safely and to get the best of your experience in another culture.

The Lingua Franca Foundation is based in the Netherlands, in the Maastricht area, a true and powerful symbol of European unity : this is the very place where the bases of the European Union, the unique market and the monetary unity (soon to become the Euro money), were settled.    

But if the base of the Lingua Franca Foundation is Europe, its scope is worldwide.  Discover our departments, services and projects and you will be surprised to find the whole world at your fingertips…    






Meet the people who make the Lingua Franca Foundation such a exciting experience by visiting our People Page.

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