Mission Statement

small world

We are the world


The Lingua Franca Foundation aims to promote safe and harmonious international exchanges, in three different fields : business, education and social.  

To reach this main purpose, we defined a series of goals, means and resources.  

You will find all about this in the following pages.  

1. Goals

  1. To promote safe and harmonious international exchanges
  2. To promote diversity in Western cultures and societies
  3. To increase the international solidarity through :
  1. Reducing and eliminating fears for other cultures
  2. Reducing and eliminating prejudices over other cultures
  3. Reducing and eliminating indifference, negative feelings and thoughts with aspect to other cultures

These objectives will be applied on three categories :  

  1. I.          Business exchanges and promotion of diversity in western businesses and institutions
  2. II.          International education and raising consciousness concerning other cultures
  3. III.          International contacts (tourism, travel, marriage, property transfer…)

2. Means

The Lingua Franca Foundation will reach its goals through:  

  • Conducting investigations using international exchanges and diversity on own initiative or through partnership
  • Giving out information and spending on related publications such as books, pamphlets, periodicals, electronic media
  • Participating, organizing and advising workshops, lectures, seminars, conferences and such
  • Participating,  organizing and giving out advises  pertaining investigation for job search training and coaching, locally and internationally
  • Support and advice, with respect to groups which aim to reach similar goals as Lingua Franca Foundation
  • Becoming an intermediary between individuals, local governments and embassies, providing actual information, including legal matters related to immigration in European countries, about social life, business or education
  • Providing information, links and help on a professional basis to people who want to live and work in the European countries

3. Resources

The Lingua Franca Foundation can :  

  • Receive subsidies from public authorities in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Get donations and bequests from individuals and companies.
  • Run any commercial or financial activity as long as the benefits are used in order to fulfill the foundation’s goals

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