The Lingua Franca Foundation proposes a series of services, in its three fields of intervention : business, education and social. Read below what we can do for you in these various sectors.

1. Business

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers

International business is a rather complex matter.  Risks are higher than in home trade or industry.  But opportunities are more present, profits can  be more generous and not all countries or sectors have been affected the same way by the crisis.  So, why not try to diversify your business contacts and to approach new markets ?

If you are in Europe and want to work in Asia or Pacific : we help you to  find contacts abroad and to familiarize with foreign cultures and get new markets more directly than alone.

If you are in Asia, Africa, Australia or America : if you want to work in Europe, we can help you with the rather complex (and sometimes, heavy) regulation of the trade and labour markets.  We can help you to establish a business in Europe or to get interesting and profitable contacts.

We organize seminars, conferences, business travels or fairs on specific themes or fields.

Just call or e-mail and we will propose you a tailored solution to your business needs.

2. Education


The Lingua Franca Foundation has its own Research and Education Department called The Lingua Franca Academy.

In this Academy we provide language courses, job search training and coaching, business communication courses and much more.  The Lingua Franca Academy is establishing partnership in Europe and in the Pacific Area to promote and organize exchanges for schooling, worklife experience abroad and opportunities to acquire a degree in superior schools and universities.  Contact are currently being made with New Zealand to deal with these matters.

Find out more about our Research and Education Departmenton the Education Page.

3. Social

We don’t forget the social side of life. Work, marriage, travel, tourism, property sale and acquisition, inheritance from family abroad…

All these occasions need specific help and  information. We can help you in many ways.

If you want to work in Europe, we can help you to get the work permit, to find a place to live in, to get contacts abroad, etc.  Stay in touch with our website and its category Working in Europe.

work in Europe

We will also provide information about settling and living in Europe, marriage and family laws, children rights, people and property protection and so on in the coming weeks.

To know more about what we do in these fields, please refer to the Safety Net Project Page.

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