Traveling for personal purposes

Traveling abroad can be the most wonderful experience.  Maybe you are considering moving abroad for an expat job or to get married with a person you met through a meeting website.  Or, perhaps, you plan to acquire a property abroad and live there or getting an income through rental. Or you can go to another continent just for a good holiday trip…  



All this can be very rewarding if you have the right information and professional advices…  

At the Lingua Franca Foundation we promote safe and harmonious international exchanges, including for social purposes. So you will find crucial information and advices about social life abroad, but also the How-to’s about work, marriage or property transfer abroad.  

You will learn how to protect your own person, your family and your goods abroad.  

What are the immigration regulations in European countries ? What are marriage rules like in the Netherlands ?  How to get a working permit for Belgium ? If I have a child with an European husband, what will the nationality of my son or daughter be ?  If the marriage is broken, can I stay there with my child ?  Or do I have to go back home alone ? Etc.  


Mother and child

Mother and child


For people who want to migrate in Europe or are already established there and want to know more about it, we are starting a new project, called The Safety Net Project. Discover more over this initiative on theSafety Net Page.

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