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Languages in Europe : a free tool to evaluate your command of a language

The European Union is made of 27 members states and has no less than 23 official languages That means that languages are an important matter for the European Institutions.

Measuring the language skills of their public servants is also a matter of importance as they have to cope with so many complex topics in so many languages.

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Is your mind rather synthetic or analytic ? This free tool will help you to determine which category you belong to

Opening a new category on our website

The Lingua Franca Academy, the Research and Education Department of the Lingua Franca Foundation, is opening a new category on this website : the Free Tools category.

In the articles of this new category, you will find free tools to help you in your daily life, to know yourself better or to act as a professional trainer or teacher.

Today, we open this new series with a test to determine the way you analyze new information and resolve problems.

Synthetic VS Analytic

According to your tendency, you will collect and analyze problems, situations and general information differently.

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