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Germany is recruiting 65.000 skilled workers from abroad

Did you say 65.000 skilled workers ?

Yes, Germany is looking for 65.000 skilled workers and cannot find them in the homeland.  So it is calling for volunteers from abroad.

Why is that ?

Well there are several reasons :

  1. Germany is the first exporting country in the world.  And it doesn’t export much raw material but manufactured goods and high value services. 
  2. Germany has developed a protection policy for its workers and the recent economic crisis hardly affected its employment rate contrary to most European countries which are still facing high unemployment figures.
  3. The German population is growing older and many of the so called “baby boomers” are going to retire very soon.  The current birthrate is not sufficient to replace people who are retiring, so the country is compelled to called for foreign skilled workers in order to sustain its huge and competitive industry…

What kind of workers are they searching for ?

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Getting A Job In Europe : Is The Blue Card Magic?

If you sit down at the terrace of a “café branché” in Paris, you will hear people talk a lot about their “carte bleue”, their “blue card”.  This magic word is simply the name French people gave to their Visa Card according to the colour it bears there…

Carte bleue

Carte bleue

But Europe is trying to give a little bit more of magic to the expression Blue Card.  The European Blue Card was adopted by the European Council on the 25th  May 2009.  It aims to attract and retain high skilled workers from outside the European Union.

But there is still a long road to go before the first immigrants get this card since the Member States have two years to implement this legislation into their national law, till 19th of June 2011.

Let’s have a look on this Blue Card and the changes it will bring to the European labour markets.

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